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What are ITTOs?

ITTOs is an abbreviation for the group of process tables in the PMBOK® Guide, each with the column headings: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs.

How many questions are there in this quiz?

Essentially unlimited. It's not using a list of pre-written questions. Instead, each question is dynamically created using randomised queries on a database. You're unlikely to see the same question twice.

This has the advantage that you're going to learn and memorise the content itself, not the answers to specific questions.

Are there any non-ITTO questions?

No. It's just the ITTOs, and the ITTOs alone.

Which version of the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) does this quiz use?

PMBOK® Guide v6.

PMBOK® Guide v7 is coming out soon. When will it be supported here?

Rumours are PMBOK® Guide v7 will be out in June 2020, but we have no inside information to confirm this. We don't have early access, so we'll see the new version when you do.

Once released, it'll be 1-3 weeks before our site is updated with a PMBOK® Guide v7 version of the Study Quiz, which will sit alongside the PMBOK v6 version.

How many contact hours does this study quiz count as?

None. The PMI® does not consider study quizes or practice exams to be training.

How important are the ITTOs for the PMP® exam?

While the ITTOs are a fairly considerable part of the CAPM®, the PMP® is more about what you should do next when Situation X happens. There will still likely be a few ITTO questions, but not to the same degree.

How long does Quiz Registration last?

There's no expiry set on your access.

However, a quiz targeting a particular PMBOK® Guide version may be retired, one year after the PMBOK® Guide version itself has been officially retired.

When it says on the front page that the quiz is Beta, what does this mean?

It means that the Quiz is very new, and is in a public testing phase. To shake out the bugs, and thank you for trying out this brand new offering, the first 200 to sign up, login, and click Register will get their quiz registered free.

We hope everything's been caught in internal testing, but if you see anything wrong/unexpected, please report any bugs. Thanks!

How are questions structured?

Each question begins with a random distracting preamble, as they often do in the exams.

The core part of a question is essentially one of these:

The way they're phrased is randomised too, just so you don't get comfortable skimming and eye-scanning for keywords.

Each question has four answer options, with one selectable.

What devices can I use this Quiz on?

Any current era browser on any current era Internet connected device (eg, desktop, tablet or mobile phone).

When I register, will I be able to view statistics for the questions I've answered before then?

No. The data for that is only collected and stored once you've registered and are logged in.

Are the questions harder or easier than the CAPM®/PMP® exam?

Probably easier. Wrong answer options are chosen randomly, without any deliberate attempt to trick you with similar looking options. For the purpose of learning, this is what you want to happen. It helps you to memorise better.

I'm getting 75% on this study quiz. Will I get 75% on the CAPM® or PMP® exam?

This Quiz is specialised for studying purposes only, to assist with content memorisation. It isn't intended as a benchmarking tool or practice exam.

There are many practice exams suitable for benchmarking. They include:

Why does the quiz act a bit bonkers if I have it open in two tabs in the same browser?

The quiz stores most of the transitory data about the questions you're being asked inside a server session. A session identifies the whole browser to the server, rather than just the tab you're in at the time. For that reason, it's advised not to take the quiz in more than one tab.


What's the difference between "Sign Up" and "Registering"?

My signup activation/password reset/email address change email is taking a while to arrive. What's happening?

The most common cause is over-zealous settings on your email host's mail server/s. To speed up delivery, you may wish to add "" to your mail server's white-list.

The email may also have been filtered to another folder, such as Junk Mail.

I get the error message: "Too many failed login attempts. Try again in a few hours." What can I do?

This is a security feature to stop bots gaining access by brute-force password guessing.

A human can try again earlier than that by using a different web browser. It might be wise to use the Password Reset feature first though.

I would like to bulk order at a discount, to provide my class of 25 students with access to this quiz. How can I arrange that?

It's an interesting idea and it's under consideration. Please get in touch to register your interest.

What data/information is kept or stored by this site?

For information, please see the Privacy Policy.

How do I unsubscribe from info emails?

There are two ways:

  1. Login to your account. Set "Info emails" to No in your Profile. Or:
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Both essentially do the same thing behind the scenes.

Accounts are always created with "Info emails" set to No by default. If you've received an email from this site, it's because you chose to allow that at some point.

How do I delete my account?

  1. Login to your account. Then:
  2. Use the Contact form to request your account deletion.

We may contact you before actioning the request if, on checking our server logs, it looks like may be having problems that can be readily solved with technical support.

Where was this Quiz developed?

Perth, Western Australia. The ITTOs Quiz may contain traces of dropbear.

I'm an Australian business. What is your ABN so I can claim this quiz on my BAS?

The developer's income as a sole trader is under the threshold required to register for GST.

Where did you get the names for these quiz question company and project names?

It's a small subselection of the UNIX Dict words file, chosen at random, and quickly eye-scanned for anything obviously a bit rude. Was something inappropriate missed? You're welcome to report it as a bug.

I've found this site really helpful. How can I express the love?

If you have time, we'd love to set up a testimonials page. Please consider sending us an email with your positive experiences, especially if using this site has helped you nail the exam.

How do I report a bug?

Report them here.