Batch and Bulk Purchase

Educators, businesses, and other institutions can soon purchase in bulk.

The feature is in development, however this documentation has been released for early review. Comments warmly welcomed.


The pricing below is for the batch you order in one purchase:

Number of users Price (USD)
Single (Register, not Bulk Purchase) $16 per user
5-9 $14 per user
10-29 $12 per user
30-49 $10 per user
50-99 $9 per user
100 or more $8 per user

Example: If you order 30 (30 accounts @$9 = USD $270), and find you need five more, those five would be a separate order (5 accounts @$14 = USD $70).

How placing a Bulk Purchase order works

1. Be sure you are logged into your account.

2. Click the "Lets Begin..." button, right here.

     Lets Begin... (Coming soon)

It will open the form in a new tab, so you can refer back to this document easily.

3. The form will ask for email addresses, one per line. Do not use "placeholder" email addresses as they can't be changed once the Vouchers have been created.

4. Please review the Terms of Service, and click Submit on the form if you agree.

5. An invoice will be manually generated using Paypal within 0-36 hours.

6. Once you have paid the invoice, the Voucher Codes will be emailed to you. Any accounts that don't already exist at Be Studying ITTOs will be created on the fly.

7. If you selected the option for us to send the Voucher Codes to those email addresses directly, they will be emailed at this point. (If not, it is your responsibility to distribute the Voucher Codes to your students or staff.)

8. To use the Voucher Code, the user needs activate their account and login. Then click on the Register link, and from there to the Vouchers link. (Don't worry, all is is covered in the emails we send out.)