About the quiz

Its beginnings

My interest in project management came from my day job work in IT Systems Administration and Software Development. Two things had always hamstrung me: I was terrible at giving time estimates, and found it difficult to explain where time had been spent and where it would be spent.

Taking an online class in project scheduling led to a class in project management, and an interest in gaining certification.

I currently hold the following Project Management and Agile related certfications:

I'm sure I'll get to the PMI®'s certs eventually!

This quiz

I designed the Study Quiz to help me study toward my own CAPM® certification. I found I was missing the option of taking a study test which would cement knowledge, rather than merely just test it.

A previous role had left me with a lot of experience with SQL databases and some of the more advanced things you can do with schema, indexes and SQL queries which, added to my existing experience with software development and systems administration, helped make a nice little web app that pulls together randomised ITTO questions to learn from.

Like this sort of background info?

There's now a Be Studying ITTOs Facebook page that I'll be using to post info on site status, updates, and a few interesting project management related links I might see. You can also post comments and questions there too, if you feel comfortable posting somewhere like that. Otherwise, there's always the contact form.